Troy – Lucid Healing in Lucid Dreaming


Before this dream, I hadn’t had a lucid dream in a while and my recall had not been very good lately. I hadn‘t remembered a single lengthy or detailed dream in weeks due to a lack of effort and other things, but last night I put some real intent in my mind as I was going to bed. Before falling asleep, I repeated a mantra from Lucid Dreaming Plain and Simple: ‘Tonight while I am sleeping, my body will be restored to its natural health and vibrant condition, and I will awake feeling refreshed and energized.’ I estimate I was able to repeat this about 20 times before dozing off.


I ended up becoming lucid within a couple of hours of falling asleep. I had many transitions from dream to dream. I would become lucid, and then be kicked into another dream, only to find out I‘m still dreaming. The setting was dark, which may have symbolized my personal struggles and lack of awareness lately. I asked the dream to turn the lights on a few times.


The lighting improved slightly, but things really changed after I became lucid the third or fourth time. I felt this was symbolic of the effort I was putting in… A question? ‘Can you maintain your awareness?’ Finally, it seems I was able to continue a dream uninterrupted and the setting was bright again.

I went outside with a couple of dream characters and I attempted to fly, but I kept falling back down. I noticed one of them was grabbing my leg and pulling me back down. I asked, ‘Do you have a problem with me?’


He said, ‘Yes.’


So I said, ‘I wish to accept you.’


Out of his chest came a golden symbol of energy that flew towards me and I caught it with my hand. I believe he disappeared afterwards or at least changed form/ demeanor and soon I was in another dream.


In this dream I was in a bar with two pool tables, and I became lucid again. I managed to keep myself from engaging in distracting, pleasure-seeking behavior, although I was tempted, and I almost followed through on the temptation.


I asked the entire bar room, ‘Does anyone have a problem with me?’


Everyone said, ‘Yes.’


So, I said, ‘Let’s line up and I will accept you one by one.’


There were probably 15 people in a circle of chairs. I started with the first guy. I said, ‘I accept you.’ The same energy symbol came out of his chest. This time I received it through my chest. The second or third guy started a conversation with me after I received the second person‘s energy.


The conversation seemed a bit nonsensical, but I do recall it and I found plenty of symbolism in it. I wasn‘t able to finish this conversation or accept this person as the dream ended in the middle of the conversation. I woke to find it had been about 1 hour and 45 minutes since falling asleep. I felt energized and refreshed! I had terrible stomach ache before I went to bed, and it was completely gone when I awoke. I was amazed.


Moving forward, I will make it back to that bar soon, or at least interact with other aspects of myself in an effort to continue this healing process and gather more data.


I am truly grateful to both Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self and Lucid Dreaming Plain and Simple. The suggestions in these books really do work.


A bit of dream analysis: Although some expectation was involved, the way by which I received energy was unexpected. I also thought it funny that my dream character pulled my foot to prevent me from flying, which I recall happened to another person whose story I read in one of Robert Waggoner‘s books.