Tosh – May 5th, 2007 Mysterious Shaved Man in Lucid Dreaming


Just woke up from a nice long nap after eating lunch.


I was lucid in this dream. I am in bed sleeping, and aware of something else in the room. No problem, not scared, because I felt like if it got scary I could wake myself up, but I was very curious. I felt as if my left leg was moving involuntarily. Not so much that something else moved it, but it was sliding just a little bit towards the edge of the bed. Then I felt something touch my right nipple and press down on it. That was sort of painful. Then I felt something getting on top of me.


At this point I was slightly alarmed, but still aware I was just in my bed sleeping, and whatever this would be practically nothing if I woke myself up. I sort of thought this thing was going to rape me. It does nothing of the sort, it just seems to want to lie on top of me and then sort of sleep by itself. The thing seems to weigh quite a lot, but not so much as to be crushing me.


I am still pretty sleepy, and do not want to wake up, so when I move my arm to feel this thing I do so very slowly. I first feel the thing on top of me with my right hand. I touch what I would guess is its shoulder. At first it feels like the creature is covered in fire-y thorns, and briefly there is an uncomfortable sensation of being lightly shocked, but then it gives way to what feels like stubble. I feel all around this creature as far as I can reach, and it seems to feel like that all over its body. I attempt to feel its head or face, but for some reason I can’t do that, but as far as I can tell the creature is at least human-like in its shape. I tried to talk to it, but it was unresponsive. I have to say it was a very weird experience.


Additional Comments: In one of the books I read, “Out of Body Experiences” by Robert Peterson he relates a tale in diary form about how he kept encountering what he thought was some sort of hostile entity. He says he felt it and at first interpreted it as some sort of sexual attack, though like in my case this doesn’t happen. He also says he felt the things face and felt like it has stubble. Later on he discovers that the entity was actually one of his own astral bodies. Now I don’t know if that could be the case with my stubbly bed fellow, but it seems like the idea is worth investigating. I am already well aware some of my dream bodies are vastly different in appearance to this waking self.