Tosh – April 13, 2008 The Deconstruction of Cars in Lucid Dreaming


I become lucid so at least for a little while I know I am dreaming, but I don’t control anything. I find myself in a pretty scary-looking place. It seems to be a long underground garage. The floor is smoothed out concrete, and on either side of me are individual cages with chain link like fences for gates. Inside each cage is either a car or some other large mechanical thing.


The cars looks like the sort available around the late 30’s, and they all seem to be in various stages of disrepair. For some reason I feel frightened and somehow personally threatened. I can’t help but think of the cars as people, and they’re mangled and imprisoned. Some of the cars look experimental, like they’re altered to do something else, or do more than what they’re supposed to do.


I hear voices that seem to be coming from above. I don’t recognize the language, it’s not English and it’s not German. I think it might be Chinese. I think they must be coming down stairs into here. The voices sound happy and excited. I worry because I am pretty sure I shouldn’t be here, and wonder how these people are going to react when they find me here. Frantically I look for a place to hide. There is one narrow spot where there wasn’t enough room for another cage, but it was big enough for storage, so I think about pressing myself in there among all the discarded pieces of metal junk. It comes to me that I won’t fit and even if I did I would still be really obvious there. So I stand my ground and wait to see what happens.


Several people come into the space, some men and women. I hadn’t expected there to be any women, because I only heard men’s voices. Some of the people just walk right past me, others seem to stop and say something to me, but I am surprised that these people seem to be treating me as if I am somehow in a position superior to them. At least they recognize me and seem to think I should be here. I am glad that I am not in any trouble after all. One older woman seems to notice that I am confused. She also seems to realize I don’t know her language. She shows me a piece of typing paper with some cartoon like drawings in pencil on it.


There are three figures drawn on the page. They look slightly familiar to me. I am not sure I remember everything she explained. It was not easy for her to talk to me anyway, but what I understood was something about the offspring of a deity, which is how I understood her, but she said “son of God”. I didn’t know what that had to do with why she recognized that I was lost here. In any case, I am no longer worried that I am going to be attacked or anything. I get the impression that the people here know I am foreign, but that it’s okay, they know me.