Torstein Simonsen – Flight of the Eagle in Lucid Dreaming


During a period of many difficulties, including the end of a relationship that had resulted in 3 kids, and the death of my Saami shaman teacher and friend, I stayed at a friend‘s house. This was one year ago.


During the night I had a strong dream of flying. In the dream I was an eagle.


The eagle is one of my animal totems, and the sea eagle has shown up many times in physical reality as well. My grandfather was of Saami origin, and when he died I had many strange and close encounters with eagles. These encounters have continued off and on.


In the dream I fly high in the sky. The feeling is ecstatic. I am an eagle, but at the same time I am also myself. Flying high, I wake up in the dream, becoming aware of the dream and that I am dreaming it. My body is filled with life force and great strength. Even though I wake up, the dream continues. The feeling of flight and power is ecstatic.


At some point I arrive at a place. The place doesn‘t seem so important, but it‘s essential that I get something. It is like a clean glass jar used for jam. It is empty and shiningly clean. I put it under my wing/arm, and fly on. It stays there without any problems. On my return flight, still lucid, I suddenly notice that I have become a seagull. I think to myself, ‘I am not a seagull, I am an eagle!’ and I immediately become an eagle again, just like that. I have huge wings, and experience powerful and effortless flight, returning the way I came.


This was the dream, short and simple. My interpretation was that the seagull symbolized the small self, and the eagle the true self. The empty, shining container of glass could be regarded as a vessel for something new in life, connected to the heart in some way. The overall feeling was one of great power, freedom and possibilities.