Torstein – I Am an Eagle in Lucid Dreaming

It was a heavy period of my life. My shamanic teacher had just died, and my family had fallen apart just two weeks before. Not living with my children was hard. I lived at a friend’s place for one month, while looking for a new place to live. We were both students of the same shaman, the one who just recently died.

One night during this time, I dream that I am an eagle. I fly high in the sky, lots of power fueling the flight. Then I wake up, realizing it is a dream. But the dream continues. I notice that my private parts are in Full Stretch, a tremendous erection, lots of power and fuel flowing through me along with the exhilarating experience of flying HIGH in the sky.

After a little while, I arrive at my destination. It is like I touch ground, land shortly. There a big piece of glass jar, empty and perfectly clean, is put under one of my wings (similar to when we tuck a newspaper under the arm, for some reason it stays there, no problem). I fly back, still fully conscious.

Having journeyed just a little bit of the distance back, I notice I have become a seagull, not an eagle. Then I say, “I am not a seagull! I am an eagle!” And so it is. I am an eagle again, returning home, high in the air with an empty, shining glass jar under my wing (left or right, I can’t recall).

I understood the symbolism upon waking, although I had to get help with the glass jar. A wise woman pointed out that a jar contains air/space and this can be seen to mean the heart. The seagull is (to me, in that dream anyway), a noisy “complaining” bird, and symbolizes the small self, in contrast to the eagle—a royal and powerful symbol of seeing, the real Self.

I just arrived back from a long journey overseas, having completed a healing semi-fast in the Amazon. My guide there was a genuine shaman, having three years of isolation in the jungle as his qualification. So, in this sense, the dream/vision was also possibly prophetic.