Tom McMillan – Dog Dream in  Lucid Dreaming

This dream begins with me and my late brother Andy washing a small white mop type of dog by a swimming pool in a suburban backyard. The dog gets away from me and begins running around the yard and is joined by another small dog, a Corgi or maybe a Jack Russell.

The first dog runs through a mud puddle and becomes very dirty. I begin to chase him, somewhat perturbed that we will have to re-wash him, as he runs into the neighboring yard. As I cross into the next door yard, a large Weimaraner runs by me and I realize the little dog may be in danger. I now see a group of dogs including the first three and more.

As I approach the group, a large German Shepherd pulls away and begins to growl and approach me menacingly. I feel my hair stand up and begin to back away, quite sure the dog will attack. I realize that I am dreaming; I think the very real sensation of fear caused my lucidity. I also begin to wake up involuntarily and as the dream fades, I become fully lucid. I lose the dream, but do not wake up fully, in fact, I remain very still and realize I can re-enter the dream and maintain lucidity, which I then do successfully.

Now the Shepherd has turned into a large mixed breed dog, but still threatening. I laugh and grab him and announce, “I can turn you into anything I want because this is a dream.” I then think to turn him into a porcupine. What? I immediately realize that is a bad idea and start laughing and turn him into a crayfish instead and toss the tiny creature into the yard. I feel so very free and exhilarated. I am fully lucid and realize I can do anything I want and take off flying, Superman style. My arms look amazingly real in front of me and I make a mental note of this as I rise very quickly to a height of maybe 500 feet. I say out loud, “This is amazing!”

I realize that I am in my waking life neighborhood in Navarre, FL as I can see Santa Rosa Island and, beyond that, the Gulf of Mexico. (I continue to rise, but begin to enter clouds which restrict my view. As I fly lower to see better, I wake up. I realize again that I could return, but instead force myself to wake up completely so I won’t forget.

Note: I don’t own any dogs, nor have I owned any of the breeds in the dream. While I have had more than 100 lucid dreams, I have never had the experience of semi-waking and returning lucidly. This is also the finest and most realistic flying I have ever experienced. Also of note, this was a wake back to sleep experience, which I practice frequently because of the reliable results.