Tom Llewellyn – Travelling to Drombeg Stone Circle in Lucid Dreaming

I’m exiting my body and after spinning clockwise, sun-wise, for awhile I enter a dark numinous etheric space. I’m travelling with an intent that I have expressed mentally: “Please take me back to Drombeg during my life connected to that site in the 14th century.”

After a short time, I’m there! On the etheric level I seem to have managed to connect to a specific time, space and situation. I’m standing in the middle of a stone circle locked and rooted to the ground. I feel I’m wearing a kind of flat leather hat, boots and cloak. I can hear people calling to me from around the circle.

Drombeg is an ancient stone circle site in County Cork in Ireland, which lies near the coast and has a rich and deep history. Owing to its fame, excellent condition, and its location on the coast road, it attracts many visitors to this day.

I have been seeking to visit this site in lucid dreaming and astral projection for some time now as it’s connected to a certain ‘past life’ of mine. I won’t go into the details here but suffice to say it was a complicated, significant and weighty life.

I had attempted to go back to Drombeg a few times while journeying and it was only after a few failed attempts that I managed it. The experience listed above was the first successful attempt but there has been another significant success since.

It was interesting that during my trials requesting to go back to Drombeg to the life in the 14th Century I once changed the date to the 17th Century mid-route, but as this was the wrong date, whatever force was guiding me stopped suddenly and remained stationary as if to say, “That is not the right date, there is nothing of meaning for you to be seen there at that date”.

After a few tries at this I finally succeeded and was taken all the way back to Drombeg. On route I stayed with my intentional focus and was shown a ceiling full of tiles that contained magick symbols. I was then dropped off at a mysterious outdoor location. I could feel, touch, and sense all of my surroundings and had been dropped off near some trees and a kind of fence. The wind was gusty and as I flew up into the air I could see some churches all around me, but in the landscape at a distance stood what looked like Drombeg.

I flew over to the stones and as I landed in the circle centre the classical composer Gustav Holst’s “Jupiter” movement from The Planets orchestral suite began to play. This music of triumph may have been an ironic gesture by whatever intelligence had guided me to Drombeg. It may have been to do with Jupiter’s/Father God’s triumph over the Pagan Gods, something to do with the site’s connection to the planet Jupiter, the movement’s description of Jupiter as the bringer of Jollity or all of these things or none! Whatever the reason, it certainly was a curious thing to hear the music play as I landed!

Note: There are different techniques for ‘travelling’ to a location in a lucid dream. You may find something in the dream landscape you can use as portal or you may create a wormhole to travel through. You may find yourself spinning up in a whirlwind and then dropped off at your destination. Personally, if I don’t do any of these things, what often happens when I ask to visit a significant location in time and space of ‘personal meaning’ is that I am picked up by a special magnetic force, that seems both personal and impersonal, and I’m taken to wherever I have asked to go to. Sometimes en route there will be slight adjustments made to make sure I’m on the right flight plan but the challenge is to keep the mind focused on the destination and not get distracted because if we get distracted we will be dropped off wherever we have been thinking of!