Tom Folan – I’m Magically and Mysteriously There in Lucid Dreaming


I appeared to be in a brightly coloured kitchen which had a very cartoon-like appearance. There was another woman in the kitchen with me and we both began to question this cartoon-like appearance. At this point I realised I was dreaming.


The dream became a bit fuzzy as I became lucid so I looked at my hands and back into the kitchen a few times to stabilize the dream. I then stepped outside of the kitchen into what appeared to be a parking lot. I recalled my mission; to find out what the dream/greater awareness’ name was so I said:


“Dream, I’m thinking of your name! Well . . . I mean I don’t know your name, but what is your name?”


A few seconds passed and I wondered if I would get a response when suddenly a young male voice announced:


“I am magically and mysteriously there.”


I then questioned the voice saying, “That’s not a name,” and, “What is your name?!?!” but at this point my lucidity was slipping and I felt myself in bed once again.