Tk – Blanket Spirit in Lucid Dreaming


Lately I’ve been looking into Astral Projection and OBE’s hoping to have my own so that I know what it feels like in comparison to lucid dreaming. My dream felt like a mixture between the two, because I felt as if I was looking in on the dream rather than being a part of it.


Things started to become vivid when I was in a car with some of my friends. I knew that I was in a lucid dream because the fact kept repeating in my mind “This is a dream.” It was like a consistent reminder that popped up every once in a while, I never consciously thought about the reality I was in, it only kept occurring to me over and over again, ‘This is a dream.’


We weren’t driving on the road, or even anywhere with physical landscapes. The car seemed to be cruising through space, outside was just a mass of black and white swirls. Next to me was a guy I’m close with, and somehow he sensed my confusion and grabbed my hand.


When our fingers locked together, our physical bodies disintegrated into smoke and we floated up in the air, two separate colors, me white and him black. His spirit was larger than mine, and I noticed in the way it moved that it had a permanent form, yet flexible still so that it moved with my spirit in the same way.


I called his spirit a blanket because it bunched up and twisted and wrapped around my spirit, which was more like a light that could be moved through, and finally he had my soul wrapped in his. He was transparent, so wherever we traveled I could see through onto the scene, but he shielded me from the action.


I was confused about most of what I saw. We mostly floated through blank space and above rooms I’d never seen before, and I can’t remember the places where we were, only how high up I was while looking down from the ceiling. Nothing made sense to me, I only knew that I was a spirit connected to his. I couldn’t speak, I only felt and I knew that he understood whatever I thought.


Since I was nothing but confused, he whispered to me that he was protecting me from danger and deceit. I still felt his physical hand in mine, and only when one of us let go did his spirit unwrap from around me and leave me in a setting I was unfamiliar with.


I was lost and scared and confused, and I was unsure if what I was experiencing was real or fake without him there to tell me. After a bit, his voice came to my ears telling me not to be scared without him, I only needed to go back to my body. After that I woke up.


I’m still unsure if it was a real OBE since I’d never heard about a friend coming with you, and when I told my friend he was a spirit blanket in my dreams he didn’t seem to recall anything. Still, it was probably the most vivid dream I’ve ever experienced, and some of what I saw and felt were proved correct when I woke up.