Thomas Treen – Radiator Dream in Lucid Dreaming


My lucid dream happened after a long day at school when I was either 14 or 15 (Autumn of 1997). It was around winter time and I remember getting back home and it was already dark by then. It had been raining and I had a double lesson of physical education outside in the rain before coming home in the rain so I was soaking wet.


I headed to my bedroom, changed my clothes, and got into bed. At that time my bed was next to a radiator as I would rearrange my room for summer and winter. I laid on the bed across its width and had my feet tucked down in between the mattress and the radiator, After a few minutes I drifted off to sleep.


Once asleep I was still aware of my feet as they were very warm. I started to dream I was in a house. First I had an outside view of the house. It was wooden with white panelling and was alone in a red desert-type wasteland.


As the dream changed I was suddenly physically inside the house in the kitchen. I felt like I was already being chased so I ran upstairs (like every good horror movie) and tried to hide but there was only a bed with a shotgun on it. I took the gun and ran back downstairs where the kitchen had now filled up with zombies.


Instead of shooting the gun, I some how crowdsurfed my way out the kitchen and out the front door. When my feet hit the ground I was aware of my feet on the radiator. This is the point where I became lucid. I actually giggled to myself in real life and noticed it. This is hard to explain as normally when lucid I find myself inside the dream. This time I was both in the dream and in waking life due to my feet on the radiator.


I said something along the lines of, “Run, don’t walk, silly!” to myself in real life on my bed but my visual was still in my dream. I opened one eyes and I could see my bedroom, I closed them and was still in my lucid dream. I was in both places at once.


That’s the end of where I feel I was split in two almost, and I went back having a standard lucid dream where I did indeed start to run.


More zombies blocked my path and I shot a few of them and remember getting covered in the red dust that was blowing about in this desert wasteland. I was running and my feet were still on the radiator but the feeling of being in both worlds was gone.


In the dream the actor Alan Cumming started running next to me and asked me what I am doing? I just ignored him and then he said, ‘You don’t have to run anymore, you’re dreaming.’


At that point I felt pretty annoyed that he spoiled the fun I was now having running, and it pulled me from my dream and I simply faded into sleep.