Thomas Peisel – Lincoln’s Vision in Lucid Dreaming


I’m in a supermarket hunting down Batman….(?) Someone had taken him out of the comic and placed him in the real world. I stalk him as he passes by the aisles. I throw a pillow and miss him. As I get closer, I realize that he’s not Batman, but Abraham Lincoln! The man is huge.


He must be over seven feet tall. For some reason I have the impulse to grab on to his leg. As I hold his leg like some Koala bear, he feels like he weighs 2000 pounds – as if he’s made of some very dense metal. He tries to kick me off like a bull. I hold on as hard as I can and don’t let go.


Abe then walks outside with me on his leg. It’s night time and no one else is there. We’re in a parking lot of sorts. I hop off his leg and he says to me that I’m allowed to ask him one question. Immediately, I become lucid from this. What am I doing? Abraham Lincoln tells me I can ask him a question? Only one question pops into my mind, “This may sound cheesy,” I say, “but what will happen in 2012?”


Instantly I’m transported into an apartment with three walls. The wall-less side faces out, overlooking a huge ocean. It’s still dark and the moon casts a soft silver glow onto the water. Suddenly, out of the depths of the ocean comes this white orb. It reminds me of a pearl or an egg. I don’t know what it is but it’s shiny and glossy like an embryo. I have a vision of the “skin” of the Earth dying and falling away like a snake sheds its skin. Abe says, “Not all will see it this way. There will be some who won’t be big enough to hold this.”


Before I could ask him anything else, I awoke.