Thomas Peisel – Cosmic Whale in Lucid Dreaming


Thomas Peisel Cosmic Whale I’m in a fancy apartment with Edward H. Macy. I can’t recall what we were talking about but at one point something out on the balcony catches my attention and I walk out there. This is when I realize I’m dreaming. Instantly an orb, (or what I took to be a sun) whizzes by my head. A second sun follows and the two suns dance in the sky.


I watch as the clouds begin changing above me. These weren’t earthly puffy clouds; these were cosmos clouds and I could see millions of stars within them. The sky changes again, this time revealing this enormous whale made of light! The whale swims through the cosmos above me like water.


Then I see the most beautiful light. It was the purest white but at the same time it gave off the most incredible hues of greens, blues, and pinks. I watched the sky in complete awe of what I’m seeing. I am humbled to the point of tears and I begin crying. Edward H. Macy hugs me from behind.


The dream changed and I ask where we are. A voice says, “San Pablo”. I then hear the voice speak, “All matter has its origin in Spirit.” It says.


I awoke.