Taxiarchis – The Vortex in Lucid Dreaming


This dream is the first one in which I managed to contact my inner self after reading Robert Waggoner’s first book: I was dreaming that I was in my home and across the street there was a building which normally doesn’t exist in waking physical reality. My friend was in that building. He was wearing a navy uniform. He said hello to me and crossing the street he entered my house. At that point I started to think that he always wanted to join the navy but he didn’t eventually so the uniform struck me as odd. With this, I became lucid.


I started feeling vibrations on my body. I entered the Void. I remained calm and observed my breathing. Then I found myself flying over a city which was as if it was from a cartoon. Everything was cartoonish. I remembered the book I had recently finished so I just said to the dream, “Show me something interesting for myself.” Everything became black – I was flying in black emptiness. Slowly I entered a vortex. I was flying in a vortex which was made of letters of the Greek alphabet and they were gold or yellow.


After a while I heard a voice from nowhere. The voice said, “Information about the lucky one…she is from “specific area of my city”, her name is Princess and she was created in 1994. As far as her studies are concerned she has studied Law.” After that I continued flying for a while in that maelstrom and then I woke up with a wonderful feeling.