Sylvia – Death Dream in Lucid Dreaming


A small check that I wrote my daughter wasn‘t cashed at her bank. A note from the bank tells my daughter, ‘call me,‘ but my daughter didn‘t call the bank back because she died rather abruptly that same evening of an aneurism in the brain. I am thinking (in the dream) that I still have a little money because the check wasn‘t cashed. Then I think, ‘I don‘t remember going to her funeral. And I would have gone to her funeral!’


I don‘t see how it‘s possible that my daughter would have died and I missed her funeral. Then I hear my brother (deceased) in the adjoining room and he says, ‘I would have gone to her funeral too!‘ My brother walks into the room where I‘m at and he gives me a very ironical look. That‘s when I think, ‘Its me that died, not my daughter!‘ At this point I become semi lucid.


Next I am riding in my truck into my small town and I stop at the stop sign. There is some very insignificant action (a cup being thrown and rolling down the road) and suddenly it hits me that the cup thrown and rolling down the road was part of the original dream about me dying. And I think, ‘That was in the dream! It‘s a precognitive dream. It‘s going to happen! I’m going to die!‘ At this moment I become very lucid.


I am sitting in my truck and getting a very funny feeling knowing that I am fixing to die. It is really going to happen. I feel something strange happening to my body, but at the same time I am feeling detached. It is as though I am split into two: Body and Mind. Then a very clear and calm woman‘s voice comes through my head. It is extremely clear and the voice seems to be a little familiar. She starts telling me what is going to happen as I die. As I feel my detachment grow the voice tells me that my spirit/consciousness is now separating from the body.


I feel things happening. Something electrical, as though my consciousness is swiftly leaving my body. I also hear my body take its last breath but I don‘t feel any of the pain of the physical body breathing its last.


I am amazed, thinking, ‘I‘m really dying. It’s actually happening!‘ At this point I really believe I have died.


Suddenly I am flying freely in a very blue sky. The sky is warm and wide open and it is exhilarating to be that free. I am dipping and circling in the sky. I notice people below me and I swoop down over them and do a few summersaults. I do this a bit, then I focus on moving upward, going higher, and I do. I am going upward in darkness. I am no longer in the blue skies over earth.


At some point I reach a level where there is a round dark blob that is chattering away. The blob seems to be a male. He is not harmful, just annoying and wanting to yak yak yak. I make an attempt to soar away from this round blob but he keeps following me, yak yak yak. I make a mighty attempt and suddenly I am free of him and I soar away.


Eventually I reach a light, misty area where there is a large group of people with their arms outstretched, reaching for me, welcoming me. They seem very light, very pale. Almost like albinos. I don‘t know any of them but they want me to stay with them. They leave to do something and I am waiting for them.


The building where I am waiting is very large and open with white walls. I look out the open door and there in the parking lot is a cousin of mine who died fifteen years ago. He is in a jeep and he yells at me, ‘C‘mon, let’s go.‘ So I walk out and get in the jeep with him. It’s one of those open jeeps with the top town. It is a warm and pleasant day.


At this point I wake up in a semi-state and the full lucidity is gone. This is the first time I realize that I wasn‘t dead after all. I am a bit disappointed. Then I kinda rub my hands together like I‘m making a small ball of energy and I squint my eyes mightily, then boom; I‘m back in lucidity. I felt then that I now had the ability to move in and out of lucidity.