Sunshine – Spaceships in Lucid Dreaming

I entered a restaurant with my husband (J) and his father. It was empty. I kept walking through it to get to a backyard. J and his father already disappeared. There was a big party with lots of people and music. I started dancing with somebody. I was happy and laughing.

Then I saw J on the second floor of a building by the end of the yard. He was on a terrace with more people.

I looked up to the sky. It was night time with tons of stars and four spaceships hovering there. The bottom of the crafts were dark gold. I saw other ships moving super fast, just leaving trails or streaks of light. I became lucid. I did the reality check several times and my finger never came through. I knew I was dreaming but I thought the only way to be sure was to jump in the air.

But I saw those huge spaceships again and I didn’t do it. (I think I was a little bit scared and I used the reality check as an excuse.) I woke up.

But here comes the interesting part: I told J I had a weird dream about spaceships. So as we start talking about it, we realize that we were sharing the same dreamscape!

In his dream, he was upstairs in the empty restaurant with the crew of the ships I saw and four same-looking waiters. There were three “star people,” two from one race and one from another. They sat in the booth and had a conversation (the contents of which J does not remember). Next they were out on the terrace saying goodbye to each other.

The two of the same race suddenly teleported into their ships. A distant light portal opened and they were gone in a blink. The third one, still standing there with him, turned out to be a Vulcan (looked just like Spock). He smiled and nodded, then teleported to his craft. It hovered for a few seconds, then went through a similar light portal as the others.

The position of the ships in his dream matched the perspective I saw in my dream. Also, we made drawings of the ships that we saw and they were almost the same.