Sunshine – First Time Flying in Lucid Dreaming 


I was looking for my toddler. I found her playing in a room. There was a baby in the same room; he looked like a cartoon. I started playing with him; that triggered the lucidity. I put him on the bed and I turned around wondering what to do, so I thought about looking for a friend who is practicing lucid dreaming.


Suddenly he was in the room with me. We started talking about how real it felt to be there. I touched his cheek, but something happened and I returned to a regular dream, but soon I realized that maybe I was still dreaming. I did a reality check but my finger didn’t come through my hand as usual. I tried to pull my finger – nothing happened – so I closed my eyes and I said, ‘Wake up.‘


I saw figures with my eyes closed but when I opened them I was still there (in the dream). I decided to look at my hands. They turned blue like water color and figures started to appear. One of the figures was a ‘wink eye, thumbs up face‘ that triggered the lucidity. I was happy again to know I was dreaming.


I was in a mix of my grandparent’s house and my parent‘s garden in Mexico. I decided I wanted to fly. I looked up and I saw a huge elephant with tusks; then I looked in front of me and I saw a tall tree and owls flying from the tree. Those images amazed me. I said, ‘I want to fly to the top of that tree.’ (This was my first time flying.) I started to levitate from the ground toward the tree – the sensation was amazing!


I was so happy but half way I felt to the ground. ‘Um? Maybe I need a purpose.‘ I thought I should go to look for a word in a paper my friend left for me in an island in Mexico. Just the idea lifted me from the ground to the tree top level. Then behind the wall surrounding the garden there was an immense blue and green calm ocean. It was huge. ‘Here I go…‘ And I fell again. I thought maybe that was better than falling into the ocean. But I could explore the ocean though. I set the thought aside, I started looking for a new destination, the dream vanished.