Steve Racicot – Wild Green Spirit Woman in Lucid Dreaming


In my dream I know that I am dreaming. I turn to my left and see a beautiful woman’s face. Her face is an emerald green colour and she has a long thin feather pierced through her nose in the style of New Guinea headhunters. Her features are more Anglo-Saxon than native New Guinean though. A good vibrational feeling emanates from her. I feel myself begin to awaken.


I open my eyes and am awake, but I still see her face in the green foliage of the pinon tree outside our bedroom window. Her face is very clear, not just a vague impression. I feel she may be a tree spirit. She and I look at each other for a few minutes. It feels as though she is pouring a blessing on me. I feel my wife Anna moving and turn to see her writing a dream in her notebook.


Then I look back at the tree outside the window. The beautiful wild green woman’s face is still there, quite clear. I watch her a while longer, but then I have the thought that I really have to get up and get ready for work. With this thought the green woman’s face fades away. I am left with a feeling of well-being that lasts all day.