Steve Racicot – The New Line School in Lucid Dreaming

In this dream, a deceased friend brings me an enigmatic message:

I see a good friend. I’m delighted to see her and remember she had died several years ago. This means that I am dreaming. I greet her warmly. She comes up close to me, her face only a few inches from mine, and says to me, “Remember the name New Line School.” She repeats this a couple more times. Then she tells me, “It’s important to remember.”

“Why?” I ask.

“Because that’s where the fire will come to,” she replies.

Somehow I know she is talking about a forest fire burning that far and then stopping. I see a picture map of a forest burning and the fire stopping at a road where the school is. On the map are roads and geographic markings, but I also can see, like a movie, the trees in flames. The name of the road may also be New Line Road.

I stop looking at the map and instead return my attention to my friend’s face which is still close to mine. She sees I am distracted by seeing her and knowing that she is dead. She covers my face with her hand so that I can no longer see her. She tells me again, “Remember the name New Line School. It’s important.” Then she uncovers my face and she is gone.

I look around for her, but she is no longer here. I see my wife, Anna, and tell her about my encounter with our mutual friend. I tell Anna we are dreaming and that is how I was able to see our deceased friend. My wife says, “Yes, I know that we are dreaming.”

“Wow, you know it too?” I ask.

Yes, I do,” she says. Then she suggests that we do something together. I tell Anna that I have to remember the name, New Line School, and I fear I will forget it if I stay in the dream too long. Then I make myself wake up so I can record the dream.