Steve Racicot – Precognitive Lucid Dream

I am watching myself fall asleep and trying to stay conscious. At first I see vague outlines of people. One is waving to me. These disappear and then the whole space around me is filled with red and blue spheres. I think, “That is not much of a dream image.”

Now a black African-looking woman comes floating along. She is stretched out on her side, her head resting on one hand. She looks relaxed. She wears a colorful head scarf and dress made of lots of reds, blues, and orange fabric. I think, “Now that’s a dream image.”

The scene changes and I find myself walking along a dirt road in a small New Mexico-type settlement. There are maybe five or six houses here. Afterwards, I become too interested in the scene and lose my awareness that I’m dreaming.

A few days after I had this dream, my wife and I were driving around exploring. We were looking for petroglyphs on basalt boulders of which we have found many here in New Mexico. We took a dirt road that we had never been on before and found ourselves in the exact small settlement that had been in my dream! I told Anna, “This is my dream. This scene is my dream.” In waking I was driving instead of walking, but the scene was the same. For me, the fact that we experience a scene in a dream and later experience that same scene in waking life raises some interesting question about the nature of time.