Steve Racicot – Nature of the Mind in Lucid Dreaming


...during a regular, nonlucid dream I realize that I am dreaming. I remember that in the waking world I had been reading a book about Zen meditation. The part I had been reading was about the nature of the mind. I decide to pursue the subject while in the dream world.


I say aloud, “I want to see the nature of my mind.” The dream that had been going on disappears and I find myself flying through outer space, through stars. I repeat my intention, “I want to see the nature of my mind.”


Off in the distance I see a wall that seems to stretch forever in space. I am racing toward this wall. It grows larger as I approach. It is made out of some kind of dark, brownish-coloured material. There seems to be no way around this wall and I crash at full speed into it. The wall is made of some kind of hard rubber and I bounce back off it and land in my bed wide awake.


My first thought is, “Wow, my mind is a really big obstacle.” Upon further reflection I feel that I might have had a better experience if I had asked to see the nature of my heart.