Steve Racicot – Ladder in the Sky in Lucid Dreaming

There is a ladder hanging down from the sky. It doesn’t quite reach the ground. The bottom rung is about six to eight feet up in the air. There is a man trying to catch this ladder, but it keeps moving along ahead of him. The landscape is high desert with scattered pinon and juniper trees. Now as I watch the man run after this ladder, the dream scene begins tearing down the middle, leaving a space where it is blank. This causes me to realize that this scene is a dream; I am, in fact, dreaming.

Now that I know I am dreaming my perspective changes. I have now become the man who hurries to catch the ladder before the scene tears in half. Finally, jumping up, I catch hold of the bottom rung and, with much effort, I climb up to the top of this dream ladder. When I reach the top there is a sunburst of light. There is so much light that it becomes more than visual; it is as though it’s emotional, almost a devotional light washing through me. For some time, light is all I experience—at first all golden/white, then some areas of blue/violet appear. Light is the entire dream.

After awhile, I begin to perceive darkness outside this brilliant light. My thoughts that had stopped begin again, and I wonder how there can be so much light in a dream when my physical body’s eyes are closed and I am sleeping in a dark room. I don’t seem to have a body now. Is the darkness outside the light the end of this dream, I wonder?

Now a new dream scene appears. I am very hot and find myself lying in bed next to my wife, Anna. We are both overheated and have thrown the covers off. I assume that I have awakened and try to turn on the light to write down my dream, but the lamp doesn’t come on when I turn the switch. I grab a flashlight and turn it on. I find that my dream notebook is full. I can’t find a blank page to write on. I get up and go into another room to find a new notebook…. After searching about I realize that I haven’t really awakened and that this scene is also a dream. I feel foolish that I didn’t realize this sooner.

I go back to the part of the dream where I see that Anna and I are lying in bed nude with the covers off. Our bodies are white and glowing with an eerie white light. The room and bed are dark. I think that I should really wake up and record this dream before I forget it. Then I really do awaken.