Steve Racicot – Empty Altar in Lucid Dreaming


At the top of a cliff I am going around a curve in the road too fast. I am not in a vehicle as I go over the edge. I try to grab the cliff top but to no avail. I see that it is hundreds of feet to the ground below. As I fall toward this distant ground I think, ‘Well, this is the end of this life. My body is going to be a mess– too bad for the people that find it.’


Now, as the ground gets closer I remember the grandkids singing, ‘I believe I can fly.’ I decide to try to fly and only a few feet from the ground I turn and begin flying upward. I make swimming motions in the air, breast strokes, and this is working. I gain more altitude. ‘I am dreaming!’ I shout. I realize it’s true. I’m dreaming and I know it.


Below me the dreamscape is beautiful. There are forest covered mountains and blue sky with small billowy clouds. I am really enjoying flying. I even fly upside down, floating on my back for awhile. Now I turn back right side up and dive toward the ground where I fly through several large boulders then through some houses that have appeared. This is great fun. Then I remember that I should reach out to the Spirit.


Ahead I see a large house. I fly through the wall and stop inside to look around. This building is full of Christmas stuff. So much that it is like a large store. Some of this Christmas stuff is very nice like angels painted by Leonardo de Vinci and Madonna and Child statues. Some is cutsie—Santa dolls and stockings etc. that I am not very interested in.


Now someone puts a Santa doll right in my face. This is irritating, but the doll’s eyes open and look at me. ‘Okay,’ I reason, ‘this may be more interesting than I first thought.’ I look at the other Christmastype figures—elves, angels, people dressed as in Dickens’ A Christmas Carol etc. They all open their eyes and look at me. It seems they are living things that just looked like dolls and statues at first. This is interesting, but I again remember that I wanted to connect with my true spiritual self the next time I knew I was dreaming.


I fly through the wall of this building, back outside. I soar upwards again and experience a great feeling of freedom and speed. The dream scene is very clear. I am up above houses, fields, and mountains. It occurs to me that his dream is going on so long that I wonder if I will be able to remember all of it to write down when I awaken. ‘Oh well, that doesn’t matter,’ I reason. ‘It is the experience that is important.’


Below me in the distance I spot one building that is much larger than all the others. I fly swiftly to it. Close up, I see it is truly Huge. It is not as large as skyscrapers in cities, but it’s big in a different way. This building is only three or four stories high, but hundreds of feet long and deep. I fly close to this structure which is constructed of bluish/gray stone. There are colourful human type figures in relief and also symbols on the sides of this building.


I fly slowly along very close, observing everything. Now on a ledge, I see something. I fly closer to see what it is. It is some small wooden shelves. ‘Oh, it’s the altar!’ I exclaim. I remember it from another dream I had in the distant past. I am flooded with joyful emotion at the sight of this simple thing. It is as though I have rediscovered something precious that is mine that I had forgotten I even had. I am overjoyed.


This altar is constructed of wood coloured pale blue/ green. Also it has streaks of dark blue here and there. It has two or three shelves. This changes as I look at it. It is not large—maybe a foot and a half high. The items on the shelves seem to keep changing. I look closely to see what they are. On the bottom shelf is a statue of Milarepa, the Tibetan saint, with the back of the statue toward me. On top of this statue is a second, a knight holding a sword in his hand and seated on a horse. The knight statue is upside down and it rests on top of the Milarepa statue. I feel that this arrangement is surely symbolic.


I look up to the next shelf and it is now empty. I am certain there was something on it earlier. I look back at the lower shelf and it too is now empty. I feel a great spiritual presence and I cry out over and over, ‘O God, O God, O God…’ This is my prayer and I am overcome with emotion as I gaze at this small empty altar, and I continue feeling the spirit presence around me and in me.


After awhile the emotions subside and I slowly float down in front of the building until I touch down on the stone street. Somehow I know it is nearly time for me to awaken. Standing on the street, I look around at the dream scene. Then the alarm goes off and wakes me.