Steve Racicot – Electric Spirit: Twice Dreamt in Lucid Dreaming

I am on a wooden sailing ship that has just anchored in port. There are rocks nearby and large storm surf begins rolling in. We decide to move the ship further from land, away from the rocks. As we maneuver the ship, a huge wave hits us and, lifting the ship up, hurls it inland. Our ship crashes right through the buildings that line the docks. Both ship and buildings are disintegrating and flying through the air. I grab hold of a piece of sheet metal and it works like a hang glider as I fly through the air, hanging beneath it. I think to myself that this is a lot like a lucid dream.

I let go of the sheet metal and fly now on my own power. So, it is a dream! I look down and see the ground far below. There are green fields and scattered houses. Some of the trees have red leaves. It must be autumn.

I now remember that it was my intention to reach out to the Spirit when I next became conscious in a dream. I think of my soul and I think of God. Then holding my arms outstretched in front of me I say, “Lord God, Lord God.” I feel a rush of spirit forces move through me and find that I am flying straight up at a high rate of speed. The colours of the dream blur. I feel electrical currents flowing through me. These feelings build in intensity, then comes a climax similar to a sexual climax, and I awaken with a warm, peaceful force flowing through my body.

I have not really awakened here, but only think that I have. I begin to tell someone my dream. As I relate the dream, I see the dream scenes appear as I describe them. When I come to the part about flying, I find myself flying again and realize that I am still dreaming! Aware again, I fly out over the green fields and trees with red, autumn leaves. Again I stretch out my arms and reach out to the Spirit saying loudly, “Lord God, Lord God….”

I’m moving very fast. I close my eyes so that the scenery on the earth below will not distract me. I see many different patterns of colour and I seem to be moving swiftly through these colours. I think, “I must remember how his experience feels so that I can write it down clearly when I awaken.” There are spirit forces that feel like electricity moving through me and forces that flow through me in waves. I have the impression of waves moving through my body. These forces again build in intensity, with electricity running up and down through me until they reach a climax which is again very much like a sexual climax, only more somehow — stronger. This orgasm is happening not just in my body, but to the whole dream world.

After this spiritual orgasm, I am flooded with a warm, peaceful flow of spirit forces and I do awaken. I lay in bed for awhile just enjoying the quiet peace that has filled me.