Steve Parker – December 26 2007 Water Skimmer in Lucid Dreaming


It is 6:30 a.m. I am awake. I am lying in bed relaxed. I decide to try to induce a lucid dream. I keep repeating over and over “I am dreaming.”


Images start appearing. I can see my feet moving through dark shadows. I concentrate on each step. Then I find myself walking along a hallway. I do not like the feel of this and open my eyes. I feel confident now I can induce a W.I.L.D. I close my eyes and keep repeating “I am dreaming: I want to be on a hot sandy beach on the ocean.” The W.I.L.D. is working. I become fully lucid.


I am walking along a concrete path towards a beach. I look down at myself. I am only wearing my swimming trunks. It is daytime and very warm. I now step onto the sand and walk over to my own private spot. It is beautiful. I look out across the ocean watching the small waves roll in. I am very lucid at this point and am enjoying this. Two men step onto the sand and decide to walk over to my spot. I am annoyed. They have so much beach why not go sit somewhere else. As they come over to sit down in my space I decide to leave.


Since I am lucid and in control of myself I decide to float away. I lie on my back and start floating up. I am only inches above the sand. I start floating down the beach backwards. I am moving along at a nice speed. I notice the sky is blue, dotted with white puffy clouds. I find myself moving out into the water. I am skimming along the water. At one point I surf a wave while still on my back. I enjoy this. The water now becomes more choppy.


I am starting to feel uncomfortable. A big wave is about to break over top of me. I make myself fly up high just in time to avoid being crushed.


I am still lucid. I am having trouble controlling the dream. A large wave picks me up and hurtles me up into the air. I come back down and find myself submerged underwater. Well this is enough and I decide to wake up. I open my eyes.


I really enjoyed being lucid. Being on the beach felt great. I would have liked to have controlled the last few seconds of the dream better, but it got away from me. I am sure I could have stayed lucid longer but being submerged underwater was a little too much.


Remember, being lucid is very realistic and experiencing fear can be enough to wake one up. Hope to let the fear go next time.