Steve P Parker –  February 5 2006 Reality Time Checks in Lucid Dreaming


I find myself on a busy sidewalk in a city during the daytime. Many people are coming towards me. I am already lucid. Since I know I am dreaming I decide to see if I can pass directly through these people. It does not work, the people appear to be as solid as I am.


I decide to do a reality check. I spot a clock tower not too far away. The time reads 6:25. I look at it again. It now reads 6:26. I look again, it has jumped to 6:35. Where did those minutes go? I am definitely dreaming. It is so realistic that it feels that I am not dreaming.


I now find myself in a room with my wife. I am explaining to her that this is a lucid dream. I explain this is what it feels like to be in a lucid dream. How real it is and how different it is from a dream. I don’t think she really grasped what I was implying.


I now find myself in my work cafeteria. The afternoon shift has arrived at 6:00 am. This is strange but the clock reads 6:00 am. This is an hour before my shift begins. A co-worker sits down with me. She looks different from her real self. She is slimmer and pretty. She explains that she is only married some of the time.


She now passes a small creamer around. There are five people sitting at the table. Each uses a portion of the creamer for their cereal. I see a man and try to get inside his mind to know what he is thinking. The experiment does not work. I now walk up to double school doors to go inside. As I approach them I wake.