Steve – Lucid Dreaming


At that point I wake up. I’m thirsty and go for a bottle of Coke. The coke tastes okay, but not quite right. The experience is a bit muted. I can taste it, but only just. It feels like liquid, but only just.


This happened to me about a week ago now (13 April 2004). I’ve had many over the years, but this one hasn’t faded like dreams do – I can still recall almost all of it, like the events were real.


I awoke about 6:00am and happened to turn my head to the side, expecting to see my bedroom wall, with its one window. Instead my wall had changed. The window wasn’t there, but there was instead an open doorway and flight of stairs leading down to street level. Seeing this, I realised I wasn’t awake at all – I must still be asleep, and dreaming. [I have had a lot of experiences like this recently- where I think I am awake, until some visual cue tells me otherwise.]


So, knowing I am asleep, I wonder if I can travel through the door and explore. As I imagine myself moving, my point of view changes, and I am floating through the air out through the door, and into the street.


It’s a busy street scene outside. It’s sunny, and lots of people are walking and driving around. There are shops, and a castle ruin on a steep sided rocky hill. The castle doesn’t strike me as odd, since there are lots of medieval ruins in this part of England. I have the feeling this is a town near where I live, but somewhere I’ve not been.


Realising I am able to move in all directions by concentrating very hard, I decide to explore, and try to find out where I am.


I travel up and down the busy street looking at the names on the shops, and hoping to find something which will confirm if I am in a real place or not. It doesn’t occur to me it is only 6:00am, yet the streets are busy, and the shops are all open.


People are oblivious to me as I float around above their heads searching for a signpost with some place names on them. I decide to get closer to a pub sign so that I can read it. If I do that, I might find it in the phone book when I wake up. However, the sign is just too far away to read, and no matter how hard I try I cannot move close enough to it to read it. It feels like pushing two opposing magnets together.


Frustrated, I wonder if I can make myself known to the people walking around the streets. I land behind a woman who is walking away from me. I say “excuse me” a couple of times and get her attention. She turns round, and has a shocked, frightened look on her face. I calm her by saying “It’s okay, I’m just need to know how to get a train back to Newcastle (my home). She points down the street and says the station isn’t far, I can get to Newcastle, then London from there. I don’t know why she mentions London. She then turns away and hurries off away from me.


Seeing the roads are busy I decide to fly above the cars and find a road sign. I’m back on my quest to find out where I am. I don’t think to just ask someone.


Flying above the cars see a road sign. I get close to it, and at first can’t read it. At first it looks like a foreign language. The letters are familiar, but not right some how. It’s a bit like seeing Russian written down. I realise it says ‘Whitley Bay’ and ‘Newcastle’ but the font is very hard to read – like something you see used in bad science fiction films where they want the audience to know it’s not earth.


At this point I realise I am still in the dream, I tell myself to wake up but nothing happens. I try a few more times, and start to panic a bit – eventually, I’m awake and back in my bed.


I lie there for a bit until I am sure I am really awake. I am – the dream is over.


I often realise in my dreams that I am dreaming. When it happens I don’t always wake up. I can let the dream run, and see what happens. Sometimes I can control events, other times I don’t know what’s going to happen next. I know that if events turn bad, I can wake myself by concentrating.


About 3 years ago I had the experience where I ‘wake’ but then find I am still sleeping. Last year I had a dream where I woke up about 4 times, each time not knowing I was still in a dream. When I did wake up for real – I was terrified, and wouldn’t go back to bed for hours.


At the time I don’t know I’m not awake as I can sense everything as normal. It’s only when I wake for real I can tell that my senses are muted in my dreams – food and drink tastes bland for example. It’s like comparing how something tastes to the memory of how it tasted some time later, which I suppose is what is happening – I’m remembering a taste, not experiencing it.


Love to hear what you all think of my dream. Sweet dreams everyone.