Stephanie Stuff  – Trust in Lucid Dreaming

This dream occurred during a time period where I felt a lot of fear and anxiety and I had a lot of difficulty letting go of control in waking life.

I was walking through a barren landscape with some run down, deserted buildings. At some point I realise that I’m dreaming. I look up and direct my focus to the awareness of the dream. I say, “Please show me something important.”

In the next moment I get hoisted up into the air really fast and high. Then I’m “dropped.” For a fraction of a second I fall, and I fear falling and hurting myself.

Then I realise, of course I’m not going to fall if I don’t want to! And I hover in the air and fly upwards. I fly around a bit and lose my lucid awareness.

After this dream, in waking life, I felt a lot less fear and more trust in myself and the universe.