Stephanie – My Very First Lucid Dream in Lucid Dreaming

I am outside at night. A snake slithers by and I scream. As it moves away it becomes gigantic, about 20 feet long and a foot thick. It barrels back at me in a straight line. I’m scared and begin running. I realize I can’t outrun it and become lucid and face it. I yell ― “STOP!” forcefully and confidently.

It backs off and cowers for a moment. It tries again, but can’t seem to strike me. It’s angry and ugly. I’ve had enough of this, so I raise my arms in front of me and make a forceful motion of ripping them apart. The snake transforms into a giant stuffed hippo with a gaping mouth. A tunnel of light emanates from it and I dive through into a small kitchen.

I recall the trick of turning around to change the dream and shout, ―”Show me something important.” I turn around and see my son (the son I aborted 14 years earlier). I rush over to him, kneel down, and touch his face. He feels real. I feel so happy. I say I love you, and he says he loves me. He kisses my cheek. He has a yellow shirt and thick white-blond hair (as he has in all the dreams I’ve had of him since his first appearance in my dreams 7 years earlier).

He has tiny freckles on his nose and creamy skin. He looks like his father. I say I’m sorry for not giving him the life he deserved. He says everything is ok. Looking into his calm face I remember that he’s dead, and my mind begins saying horrifying things like, ― “Show me his rotting corpse”. I sense a change so I close my eyes and mentally declare, ― “Cancel”. It works.

I begin walking around the room. Another technique comes to mind. I look at my hands and I’m mesmerized. I dive into them and end up suspended upside down in midair. I come down and ask for a beach to appear. Nothing happens. A small snake appears but I can’t control or banish it. I’m losing control. I ask my son if he visits his father. He says yes, but that he’s busy with his wife and career. The dream fades as a jumble of images appear. I wake up smiling.