Stephanie Brown – The Pursuit in Lucid Dreaming

(Solving a problem/resolve a bad dreaming situation: I had this type of dream recur numerous times.)

I am out walking and become aware that I am being followed. I walk faster, then begin to run. I don’t know who is behind me pursuing me, but I feel very threatened, alone and frightened. My heart is pounding. I see a house where I can run through the door. I struggle to get the door locked between me and my pursuer/s. It feels like an Alfred Hitchcock movie, where he zooms the camera in for a close up of the door lock—it looms so large in my mind. I struggle to get it locked and I realize that I can’t quite do it.

At that moment, I become lucid (my first ever lucid dream). Although I am frightened, I realize that it is a dream and cannot hurt me. I open the door to face my pursuers. I see two men, one with red hair and one with dark hair. As I turn to meet them, the red-haired man turns and runs away. The dark-haired man comes up to me as I hold my ground. He reaches out his arms and he hugs me.

I awaken, never to have this type of dream repeat.