Stefan Borg Pieratzki – Winter 2010 “A Really Cool Experience” in Lucid Dreaming


I just wanted to share an experience I had not long ago, where I was in a lucid dream state. But first, a little about myself: I’m a male, 30 years of age and live on the southern coast of Norway. Only child. Girlfriend. Not married. No kids. Live alone in my apartment. Don’t do drugs. Aethiest. Not open-minded to the supernatural at all.


When it comes to dreaming I have had many fine experiences. I appreciate both sides of them, the pleasant ones and the bad ones. I often remember them in detail, and almost all of them are in full colour. I sometimes write them down and read them from time to time for my own amusement.


However there have been some very rare times I actually find myself in a lucid dream. These are powerful experiences for me, and I wanted to share one in particular since it really made an impact on me.


This has actually happened four times and the last time was over half a year ago. This was also the only time the dream came to an end by itself.


I’m lying on my back in my bed. I am aware of where I am, and I can wake up anytime I want at this point. The reason why I feel I’m dragged from the previous dream I’m having, is because of an intense tingling in my stomach. And this is due to the fact that my body slowly begins to hover up from the bed. (The first time this happened, I became scared and woke up immediately, but as it kept on occurring I became more relaxed and let it play on.)


As I’m very slowly approaching the ceiling, I’m confident with myself that if I allow myself to awake I’ll find myself safely lying in my bed. (It is this feeling of control that has given me comfort enough to allow this to continue. The third time this happened I woke myself up because I somehow knew something else was about to happen which I wasn’t really prepared for.) Anyway, as I said before: The last time I let it (the experience) continue to the end by itself (due to my curiosity).


So there I am in my dark bedroom, in a completely horizontal position, relaxed, just enjoying the tingling in my stomach. Now, at the other end of the bed (about 5 feet) is a white wall. This wall is decorated by a large painting of abstract art and underneath this is a small bench.


What happens now is that I slowly start to glide downwards in a slow curve against the wall at the other end of the room from my bed. At first I’m suspecting that I’m somehow drawn to this picture, but as I keep gliding I soon realize that I’m descending much lower. Soon the bed is behind me and I’m drifting towards the floor. Clearing the end of my bed, stopping inches from the floor, I’m soon beginning to slide perfectly horizontally towards the small space of wall under the bench.


Now all of a sudden the dark room which has consisted only of shades of grey come to life in colour and I’m rapidly shifted – turned over – to the side to get a view of the floor.


At this point the motion picks up an accelerating pace and as it does, the feeling in my gut intensifies. The dream ends with me crashing violently into the wall, being forced into it, twisting my body in rather awkward positions (kind of like a ragdoll) and I awaken (rather calmly) safe in my bed, vividly remembering everything.


These four dream sessions happened over a nine month span and it’s now over six months since the last and (in my opinion) the fully complete one occurred.


What has really puzzled me is my own calmness over the whole last affair. I have a habit of distinctly feeling pain (for some reason) when I’m being hurt in my other deep sleep dreams, but not in this. And at the end I’m doing nothing to prevent or brace myself for what is about to happen.


I have no idea what this means or why it has happened, but it was (in lack of other words) a really cool experience. I hope this will one day return to me.


Thanks for listening.