Starwalker Reed – A Special Club of Lucid Dreamers

The dream begins and the first thing I am aware of is sitting in a chair as someone puts a towel on my head. I look around and see a group of people all looking at me expectantly, half smiling, and I somehow know instantly that I am dreaming. It’s just something about the way these people are looking at me, and the strangeness of someone I don’t know putting a towel on my head for no reason. I am lucidly aware instantly, but I get the feeling that these people are all waiting on me to realize it and say it out loud. So I say, “I’m dreaming.” They all smile widely at me.

I ask, “Is anyone else here a lucid dreamer?” More smiles and nods, and a few raise their hands. Then I say, “Is everyone here a lucid dreamer?” Then they all burst into applause and yell, “Yes!” They are all cheering and I feel so happy, like I am in a special club of lucid dreamers and I feel humbled and touched that they are all so happy for me and glad that I figured it out.

Then someone (just a voice, maybe?) says, “Follow me. Stay in order.” I can’t remember what this person looked like or even if it was a man or a woman, but we all seem to realize that this is an important person and we all get in a straight line and start to follow this person. I realize “stay in order” means to get in the order that we became lucidly aware in the dream, so I am last and I get in the back of the line.

We walk up a steep hill into a big warehouse divided into classrooms. It is an open floor plan, with one or two teachers in different areas teaching small groups of people. As I look around I see lots of clutter but I also see newspaper clippings with text that keeps changing. This helps to remind me that I am still dreaming.

We all go to a long table with chairs and we all sit down. A man stands at the head of the table and starts talking with authority. He is very nondescript—average height, short brown hair, plain blue T-shirt and jeans. But it is obvious that he is in some position of authority and that we should all listen to him. He seems to be the teacher of our group. He says, “In this course you will learn how to use your lucid dreaming ability to better yourselves and better society.” I feel so excited about this! Then he says, “Everyone do your reality check,” and he demonstrates pushing a finger through his hand. So some people do that, some people count their fingers like I do (this is my favorite reality check), etc. Everyone does a reality check. Then he says, “That’s all for today. Now wake up!” He snaps his fingers as he says, “Wake up,” and the second he snaps his fingers I actually do wake up instantly from the dream. 

I have been actively learning about and practicing lucid dreaming for over a month now and this has been my favorite lucid dream by far. An interesting note is that two nights after this dream, I had another lucid dream that seemed to be the continuation, or Part Two of this dream.

In this one, it seemed to start as almost an out of body experience because it really felt like I rose out of my body, and I was in my bedroom in the dark and it all looked exactly the same as it always does. The minute I start flying around in my dark bedroom, I realize I am dreaming and so I fly out the window and instantly it is bright daylight. I see that I am in an unfamiliar neighborhood and so I fly around for a while until I see an older man in a wheelchair. I smile and wave at him and say, “Hi,” and he does the same. Then I ask him, “Where is the meeting?” Like so many other times in dreams, even in lucid dreams, I don’t know why I say this. The words just come out without me thinking. Somehow I know there is a meeting somewhere that I need to go to.

So the man points to a house nearby and I fly over to it. Then a group of people comes out of the house singing. It sounds like some sort of chant. They are singing/chanting, holding hands, and smiling at me, and suddenly I realize it’s the same group of people from my dream two nights before!

This time a female “teacher” comes out of the house behind the group. She has dark hair and eyes and light brown skin. Just like the male teacher in the other dream, she immediately commands my respect and attention just by her presence and I know she is knowledgeable and I should listen to her. She smiles at me and says, “Come join us.”

I fly over to them and she says, “Feet on the ground, please,” almost like she is admonishing me a bit. So I float down to the ground and I grab the last person’s hand and we all walk into the small, old, run down house. There are several old, yellow-greenish wood couches that we all sit on. The woman says, “Today we are talking about how we are working on improving conversations.” This is exciting to me, because I am very introverted and socially awkward. A young girl sitting beside me on the couch then starts telling a story about how she was taking a dance class and she couldn’t get the moves right away, and the woman “teacher” asks her, “How did that make you feel? Would you take another class?” This is confusing to me since this has nothing to do with improving conversations, but we all look at the girl and wait for her to answer—but then the dream fades and I wake up.