Spencer – Protect the Yellow Snake in Lucid Dreaming


I’m walking through a hallway. I can see the yellowish walls and the fine light blue trim lining the hall. However the hallway only exists roughly 20 yards in front and behind me. I’m walking with an unknown man who I feel like I’ve known for years and trust completely. Further down the hallway, I notice a small door in the wall. The man and I bend down and I open the door. There is a wooden box the size of a shoe box sitting inside, and I can see a small handle near the bottom of the box.


As I pull the handle I see that it is a slab of wood with numbers and strange markings on it. I continue to pull the handle out and the box has layers that telescope outward with the same markings, The section with the handle being the smallest section. As the man and myself look at the markings he starts to “transform” growing long shaggy hair with a bluish tint all over his body. His eyes glow through the hair and teeth seem razor sharp. I feel startled but not afraid of him.


As I take a step back I see a rhinoceros just outside my range of vision with a horn filled with lightning. At this point I realize that I am dreaming and ask out loud, “What are you trying to tell me?” As soon as the words leave my mouth I am in a room with nothing but a couch behind me and a old TV in front of me. I sit down and the TV comes on. Static for a split second then it turns black, I hear a voice say, “Protect the yellow snake” then the TV goes to static and shuts off. Repeat the message, “Protect the yellow snake” and the box is sitting closed in my lap. I pick up the box and start walking. I take three steps and I wake up.