Sonia Estima – Mask in the Mirror in Lucid Dreaming

I‘ve had several interesting experiences looking in the mirror in a lucid dream. This last week I had another mirror encounter in a lucid dream:

I am in a room with my mother. I am walking around and I notice a mirror on the wall. I come over and look in the mirror.

As I look at my image in the mirror, I have a mask on my face. I remove the mask and to my surprise, there is another mask underneath.

I remove the mask again … another mask!

I do this a dozen times and every time a new mask appears. Like peeling the layers of an onion, every time I peel one mask off my face, a new mask appears underneath.

I finally give up and walk away. The dream continues…

I am still thinking about this dream and its significance. It brings so many questions and ideas to mind: the different facets of myself, or the various phases of my life, or perhaps the many lives lived before.

This is a dream I will continue to carry with me for a while.