SKC – (Early morning) 5th Lucid Dream, Farm & Pool Scene in Lucid Dreaming


Initially had a normal dream. It was at night and I was in bed with my wife Lorraine in my old bedroom in stepmother Audrey’s farmhouse in Donnybrook. There were lots of people in the room as well as a Combi camper with a couple in it playing music and movies!


Awetu (from my boy Peter’s old school) was there and agitating me for some green tea. I went to the kitchen but could not find any green tea. My brother Lee and more people were in the kitchen. I noticed my nephew Stephen with a cigarette in his hand and thought, ‘If this were a dream that would be a dream sign,’ (as Stephen at this stage didn’t smoke). I then went back to the bedroom where the couple in the Combi were annoying us with their loud music.


Suddenly after a short period of blackness – Lucid! I saw a scene as if on a TV screen and felt myself ‘zooming’ into the screen and becoming part of the scene within it. I now fully realised that I was dreaming and conscious within it!


It was a bright spring day with a vivid blue sky and puffy white clouds. There was a farmhouse, green fields, gates, and a country road onto which I had landed. As I walked down the road I came across some farm workers whom I addressed (cannot remember what I said), but they declined to answer me.


I saw a large rock blocking my path. Part of it glowed with a few colours, and it gave me an ominous feeling, but as I knew I was dreaming I decided to hug it instead of running. With that, the dark feeling subsided and the rock lost its glow.


I felt myself ‘losing the dream’ but did the ‘spinning technique’ and all came back into focus again. (I repeated this about twice again in the dream to keep lucid.)


I then saw down a gentle grassy hill of green fields and fences, a swimming pool to the side of, and just below the farmhouse in the distance. I decided to see if I could float and found I could with ease! I then floated over the fences, across the fields, down to the swimming pool.


The pool was full of adults and children happily swimming about. I too jumped in and swam. A young girl (looking a bit like Lorraine when younger) swam over to me. We hugged and gradually started becoming intimate in the pool amongst all swimmers. I was just becoming orgasmic when I woke up!


Comment: My first LD with results which now matched what I had been reading about in the books. This included the vividness and brightness of the sky and grass, and even the smell of newly cut grass and the girl‘s perfume. The feeling of joy, excitement and a subtle awareness of being part of a greater reality.


Preparation: During the week I had started Stephan LaBerge’s daily mind training for ‘Dream Sign Checking.’ I had also woken to go to the toilet around 2 a.m. and then read his book for about 40 minutes before going back to sleep during which period the dream occurred.