Shirley – Watch This in Lucid Dreaming

Before bed, I prayed and asked our Father to let me have a lucid dream (to know that it was something real and not made up) and to share with me what He would like to share.

I started dreaming of helping my youngest daughter, Tina, unpack from being at college. She had this huge suitcase. She then stated that she was going to the store. In the next scene I was waiting in my white car and I saw my oldest daughter, Alice, coming to the car with Tina’s best friend Kara. I thought, this is weird, am I dreaming? So I did a reality check and sure enough I saw just the tip of my right index finger go through the other end of my left hand. I thought, ―I AM DREAMING!!!

Then Alice asked me to drive home. I said, why drive, LETS FLY! Next I was flying up by myself holding a rope to the car and pulling it behind me. I thought this is stupid as I should be in the car flying it. I then was in the car looking out the window flying it. The first scene I saw flying was of a round-about in Spain and instead of seeing the running of the bulls, I saw the running of the cars and buses going around the round-about over and over again.

Then the scene changed and I was flying over a lush green hill with sparse dark forest green trees placed on it. This scene was so vivid and beautiful. I then thought to myself, I should ask the dream a question. So I asked, ―Dream, what would you like to show me?” A deep male voice answered, ―WATCH THIS‖! I was shown a white haired man holding up in the air (no wrinkles and perfect skin), a baby boy about 8-10 months old laughing in the air held up by the Father’s two hands. They both had sparkles in their eyes and their skin was perfect. The man had a red and white striped shirt which matched the baby boy‘s shirt. It was true love and excitement that I saw. So beautiful that I just stared.

The scene then changed – I was sitting at a table and talking with my husband, Chad. I was telling him I had a lucid dream. I was writing out an option trade using July contracts but I couldn‘t come up with the strikes to use in the trade. Chad asked me, ―Are you lucid dreaming now?” So, I checked and my finger tip did not go through so I told him, ―No”. He said that was why I could not figure out the strikes. Then I woke up.

Interpretation – Wow, there was so much to interpret in this dream. First and most important, I saw our Heavenly Father‘s love for His only begotten Son. “John 3:16 – For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” It was the most precious love in the world of a Father loving and raising His son up! The scene of Spain was how the world is so busy with life going round and round in circles. The scene of the mountain, shows trees as people and the vivid color of green of the grass represents new beginnings. Few will find this path to our Father’s love due to the busy lives they all lead.