Shawn Selders –  Musical Tree-Climb in Lucid Dreaming


At the beginning of the dream I am lucid. There is no lucidity trigger that I can recall. I am standing on the dead end street where I live. I am right in front of my house, in the middle of the deserted street, in the early morning light. I have a name-brand 16 oz. water bottle in my right hand, which still has a bit of water in it.


I suddenly remember a description of a lucid dream I recently read about in Robert Waggoner’s first book; wherein he made one of his arms magically longer. I decide to try this with the clear plastic bottle I am holding. Using only my mind, I easily make the bottle grow to be at least 20 feet long. Although I did not intend it, the bottle also becomes wider and loses its ridges. It is now a very long and smooth cylinder, but still a clear water bottle. I brush the leafy tree branches high above the street with the top of it for a little while. Then I make it magically return to it’s original size and shape. I can see it quickly shrink. There is still that bit of water sloshing around at the bottom of the bottle.


Feeling truly great in the ultra-reality of this lucid dream, I begin to skip (with long strides) in slow motion down the middle of the street. The water bottle vanishes while I skip. I start to hear very dreamy music from above. It is a simple melody that sounds a tiny bit familiar. It sounds like a calliope with no bass or drums, and is a little eeriesounding. There might be a child’s voice singing along with the melody.


Still skipping down the road I suddenly remember a lucid dream goal I very recently read about online: climb a tree. I stop skipping and turn to my right, where there are 3 trees clustered together in front of a neighbor’s house. (In reality there are no trees in this area.) I walk over and start climbing up one of these trees.


There are branches and nubs for easy grabbing. I use only my hands to effortlessly climb in this fairly weightless environment. It is an easy climb until I get about 25 feet up, where there is a somewhat dead-looking, thick vine growing around some branches. I stop and examine the vine and branches very closely and decide it might be dangerous to try to climb past this point.


I stay where I am for a bit and look under the eaves of the nearest house. It looks oddly old and decrepit, but strangely, only in the spot where I am staring. I am still hearing the dreamy music, wondering if it is from some dreamlike movie I have seen. I start to hum along with the melody as I slide down the tree trunk; using my legs as well now. I wake up before I reach the ground.


Awake, I went straight to my guitar and quickly figured out the music. Later that day I played the dream-melody for my family. I asked if they recognized it from anywhere, which they did not. I am excited to have brought something audibly tangible back from the dream-world that I can share.