Shawn Selders – Invisible Water Skis in Lucid Dreaming

This lucid dream began pretty strangely. I am in my bedroom, sort of curled up (my legs folded into my chest), moving magically about through the air. As I float, I bump into objects in the room and wonder if my will to lucid dream actually has my physical body floating around my room in a semi-doze. The scene repeatedly stutters from dark to light, and I kind of move in a choppy motion as well.

Finally, things get more stable and clear, so I can see my radiator at the foot of my futon. My tall, colorful oil painting is propped up on the radiator, blocking the window. (In reality it is on the wall next to my futon.) I decide to go outside, through the painting and through the closed window. I hesitate a moment, then go right through with ease and confidence.

I remember I want to resist flying. I also remember I want to walk on water.

It’s daytime and it’s raining. I float over the sidewalk. Hovering over it, I look down at it and notice big night crawlers in deep puddles. I casually wonder, “How do I really know this is a dream?” Just then, I see a long flat night crawler (or two) with many little legs along the sides. Such worms do not exist. “Yeah, this is a dream,” I confirm aloud.

I start to fly towards the nearby brook to try to walk on its surface. I decide that if I’m going to fly, I’ll do it ‘invisible-Segway-style’ (that’s what I call it when I fly upright, a foot or two above the ground). I proceed to fly this way easily, with total control. I glide above the road fairly quickly. It takes longer to get to the river than it actually would, because the river is further away than it is in reality.

I expect the river to be swollen from all the rain. When I get there, I see that it is. But it is not too violent or swift. It looks different, though, a bit like a canal. With zero hesitation I go from low flight to contact with the water. It is incredibly easy, which I announce aloud: “This is so easy!” But I’m not really walking on the water. It is more like water skiing without skis as I weave back and forth going happily downstream. It’s awesome!