Shawn Selders – Distant Music Beyond A Field in Lucid Dreaming

In a room in my house (that does not have a mirror), I find myself looking at a mirror over a bureau. Looking at my reflection I notice my hair is a few inches long. This surprises me, because in waking reality, I have been shaving my head for almost a year. Annoyed that I will now need to use scissors to cut it, I begin to wonder if I might be dreaming.

It really feels like I am awake, but I get excited (at the thought that this may be a dream). I push two fingers of my right hand through my left palm. They go through with ease, and now I know that I am indeed dreaming.

I walk out of the room, out the front door and down the driveway. I turn left and walk up the street, which goes through the forest. I soon come to a wild looking, long field of foot-tall, light green grass to my left. In waking reality there is no field here. I can hear distant music from beyond the field. It sounds like live Grateful Dead. I stop walking and ask aloud for more clarity. I consider hovering and flying over the road. I also consider sitting down and meditating by the road. But the dream ends before I can do any of these things.