Shawn Selders – Clouds And Moon Below in Lucid Dreaming

I am in my darkened bedroom, lucid from the start. I leap through a wall and fly over treetops in daylight. I say aloud, “Here we go….” I keep flying in one direction and see some fish swim by (right to left) through the air in front of me. I look at my hands, which look perfectly normal. I pause and hover in one spot, which seems to be about 20 feet high.

Looking down at some small trees with kite-shaped crimson leaves, I notice the leaves are breathing, moving. It looks quite magical, and I say with enthusiasm, “Yeah, let me see those leaves breathe!” As I continue to hover and watch, they become even more animated with a synchronized breathing motion that is truly beautiful.

While flying over my street and [literally through] some treetops, I say: “Show me the highest! Show me something amazing!” It is somewhat dark now as I fly towards a brook near my house. When I am almost above where the brook should be, I can see there is no brook. Instead I am looking down (now from about 40 feet up) at many darkly colored clouds where the brook should be. And somewhat hidden in these clouds, I can see the moon.

As the dream continues I am trying to go with the flow and not control much. I find myself downtown, in daylight again. I fly right into an art gallery and fly around the room, looking at the big (mostly representational) paintings on the walls. I ask a question of the woman working there and she walks over to help me. I consider entering a big landscape painting, but instead fly through the front wall and pluck a small leaf from a tree branch as I go. At least I think it is a leaf. It may be something else entirely. Flying with it between my left thumb and forefinger, it begins to flutter with lots of strength and energy like a very lively butterfly, which feels extremely interesting.

Next, I am in a crowded mall where I interact with many people. I see a woman who, when I look away and back at her, morphs between two different women. I ask her to tell me something important. She says, “Where’s the pizza at?” in reply.

Later, I sit on the floor of the mall hallway and manipulate some unreal, hazy, clay-like stuff, making it grow and spin like a mini-tornado as people watch in wonder. In a mall store I pick up an odd small candle and tell a kid shopping there, “Light this candle with your face.” I hold it near his face and it does indeed become lit, but not with a fire flame. It’s more like a unique, roundish light-thing that grows and shrinks and can be removed from the candle. It is not hot. Back in the mall hallway, I am standing, holding several pencils.

Twelve or so women are standing in a circle in front of me. Among them, and to my left, stands a Godzilla-like creature about 12 feet tall. I throw pencils at it (one after another) to get it to react, which it does, but minimally. It does not get very mad at me.

Later, I am walking with a friend towards a mall exit. I am wondering if this friend is having a lucid dream now as well.

I see some tall, narrow mirrors and decide to look at my reflection. When I do, I find I look a little odd and maybe younger.

At a few points in the dream, I float through pure blackness, and during one such point I marvel at some tiny moving rectangles of light surrounding me. Near the end of the dream I am standing in my kitchen, talking with my mother, who is sort of inside the kitchen window somehow. We are agreeing about something related to people’s laziness, and as an example I say, “It’s like those people who want you to tell them how to lucid dream with no effort. Like… Can’t you read a few books, people? It’s totally worth it.” Mom agrees.