Shawn Selders – A Building Takes Off in Lucid Dreaming

This lucid dream was over an hour long and I was lucid from the start. Here is most of what I recall:

I’m outside at a college campus. There are many people around. I leave the ground and fly low and backwards to see the reactions of the people I fly past. I look for pretty girls. There are plenty. I approach one sitting on a bench. We flirt and fool around for a while. Later, I’m flying again. I fly down to another pretty girl. We walk together while we have a friendly conversation. Then I’m flying inside the vast college library, which has high ceilings and many rooms. I notice many small metal sculptures on various shelves. Most of them are abstract, but some are representational.

I fly into a room that has about six adults sitting around in comfy chairs. One is an old priest, who appears to be sleeping. I pick up a foot-tall sculpture and rework it with my fingers as I hover, pulling hunks of brass off of it, which would be completely impossible in reality. When I get it how I want it (a very abstract human figure with hair poking straight up) I hand it to the priest. He immediately bends the straight hair over, which I don’t like, and I tell him this. I am a bit annoyed and surprised he could so easily manipulate it.

I walk through empty corridors a few times. Mostly there are people everywhere, though, and I enjoy interacting with them. I fly repeatedly at different heights and in different settings. When I get tired of one thing I am easily and casually able to change the dream to something else. My confidence is unusually strong.

Flying outside over a vast landscape I see tons of extremely dynamic abstractions below me. For example, I see an endless amount of interconnecting yet separate sculptures, some that are a little bit representational, but nothing quite recognizable or realistic. It is infinitely fascinating and I’m loving it all.

Inside a building I fly into a big, moving abstract painting. I actually go inside the painting! In another building I come to a wall, like a grid of big square windows spread out far and wide. If I go through it I will be very high up off the ground below. I hesitate for a few seconds, but then decide to go through and hover, looking down at the scene below, which includes a pool or small pond. Then I fly on some more.

At one point I am outside on the ground where I see a truly huge painting of the ocean. I spontaneously make it become the real ocean, maybe by saying aloud, “I want that to be real!” Then I run knee-deep from the rising sea water and the distant waves. Other people are doing the same.

Near the end of this long dream I am in a tall office building, talking to a small group of professional-looking men and women who are sitting in a big office. I tell them about my abstract adventure and lucid dreaming in general. The leader of the group, a man who looks to be about 30, asks me, “What is the most amazing thing you’ve experienced in a lucid dream?” I think they hope to use it in a movie they plan to make. I’m not sure what my reply is. Maybe something about the abstract sculptures, or the one I gave to the priest. They seem disappointed with my answer. So, I make the big, new building we are in suddenly lift off the ground and slowly fly upwards at an angle. I casually point out the windows. They all look out, utterly astonished.