Shaun St. Clair – Werewolf Awareness 2 in Lucid Dreaming

I’m in some open woods, near a central clearing where the trees thin out somewhat, with my children: Betsy [one of our house rabbits] and four squirrels [in the dream I fully accept that these animals are my children and are representative of all of my real children – but there’s five of them not four?)]. The children are supposed to be in training, learning how to hunt and defend themselves, but they are just messing about—initially in a small patch of scrub to my right but then when I look at them again they’ve wandered right over to the opposite side of the clearing.

As I notice where they are, I get a sense of danger for them and at the exact same moment start to become aware of the dream itself—I become lucid. I begin to run over to them through the central clearing, but the ground is very soft and uneven, covered in leaf litter and broken branches and trunks and they’re actually quite some distance away from me. This installs a sense of urgency in me and with this, the lucid/sleeping me takes over the thought processes of my character in the dream. I thought/assumed I was a person/human (but was still quite happy in the dream to accept that I had animals for children) but the lucid me clearly recognizes that I am a wolf/werewolf and is very keen to get me running across the clearing as swiftly and efficiently as possible, and so I immediately begin to run on all four legs.

I remember the previous dream in which I was a wolf and the excitement I experienced through controlling such a powerful and agile body, and I revel in this second offering. By the time I get to the other side of the clearing I am fully lucid, thoroughly enjoying the exhilaration of being in this body and knowing that I am in complete control of the dream. I no longer have any concerns for my children; I will ask them who and why they are later, but first I will just do some big backflips along this great tree log! Too late . ..the backflips are so energetic that I become concerned that I am actually writhing about in reality and in bed and might actually injure Elizabeth. This wakes me up immediately—and of course, I wasn’t moving at all.