Shaun St. Clair – Transforming in Lucid Dreaming

[Simultaneous Dreams, abstract and symbolic, are very difficult to describe. In fact, it’s only when you try to pick these types of dream apart, so that you can transcribe them, that they appear so complex and difficult to understand. But if you just leave them in your head, they make perfect sense. However, this simultaneous dream went something like this:]

I am present in two adjoining rooms simultaneously — two separate instances of me, each experiencing an independent dream scene within each one of the two adjoining rooms but with an overarching awareness of both dreams/scenes/ rooms that is also me.

The closed door adjoining the rooms is very noticeable to each ‘physical’ instance of me and each instance is aware that there is something very significant on the other side — in both rooms/dreams, the door is in front of ‘me’ and to the right. The physical me in each dream is not aware of the other me in the other room/dream or of the overarching awareness — but the overarching awareness/me is aware of the feelings and thoughts of each ‘physical’ me, everything in each dream, and of its self simultaneously.

In one of the rooms I am aware that I am a rabbit (the physical ‘me’ is aware of this), very distinctly called ‘Shaun’ — and I am transforming. In the other room, I am my character as I believe myself to be in reality; however, I very distinctly eat raw flesh but I will not eat Rabbit (this feeling is also very strong). This second me is, in fact, a werewolf but the physical me/dream character is not aware of this, only that the feeling that I eat raw flesh is very strong and innate, as is the very normal feeling that I also transform — the overarching awareness can see and understand what I am. This second me is transforming — into the Rabbit. And the Rabbit is transforming into the second me.

Perhaps transposing is a more suitable word (but the awareness that I am transforming is very distinct in each physical me) because each physical me becomes the other physical me, in the other room in the other dream. At some point in each dream the adjoining door opens and there is a great attraction but physical inability in each physical ‘me’ to cross into the other room. The door(s) (which open to the right) are not fully open and all that each ‘me’ can do is look through at the limited, identical scene of a bit of carpeted floor area, a wall to the left, and some indistinct furniture against the wall.