Shaun St. Clair – Time Shop in Lucid Dreaming


I was in a town on the south west coast of England, where we go for our family holidays most years. The town was different though; it was in the future at some point and was larger, tropical, more luxurious and had roller-coasters everywhere! This was quite a long dream, with much of it non-lucid. The lucid part of the dream was triggered by walking through a shop front-door and out through the back door, which earlier in the dream had acted as a time portal to take me back in to the town of the present. I exited the shop straight out on to a beach in the future town and immediately knew I was in a dream.


As soon as I became lucid, I thought, “What can I do?” and remembering the short-comings of a previous lucid dream, I thought I will try again to collect some physical data. I was determined this time, not to get excited and not to stare at anything for any length of time. Lest I lose lucidity again, I tried to only casually observe things in the dream.


I sniffed the air but couldn‘t smell anything, which was disappointing because I love the smell of the sea. I looked at the sand and managed to maintain focus for a bit, it was composed of quite large granules, probably 4-5mm across and off-white in colour with the odd tiny black fleck on a corner. I don‘t know how I managed to observe the sand in such detail because I didn‘t pick it up and didn‘t bend down close to it – I was only trying to observe it casually. I don‘t recall having any instruments with me either but must have magnified the sand somehow to observe all this.


There were lots of animals and people on the beach. The animals were either rabbits or dogs. The rabbits were grey, very toy-like, fixed in the classic nibbling-grass-pose, about 18 inches high and all moving around as if being played with by unseen hands (they semi-levitated and didn‘t use their limbs). I recognised the dogs as lurchers. They were offwhite in colour, with short fur and about 30 inches high. They did use their limbs to walk and had normal canine motion.


Even though there were many people on the beach – some of them even walking right up to me as if to invite conversation – I remember thinking that I won’t ask them anything because they‘re not locals and won‘t know anything (lucidity starting to go?). I do remember thinking that it would be useful to speak to shopkeepers however.


I left the beach and on my way back to the ‘time shop‘, I stared intensely at a rollercoaster and as I walked directly underneath it and craned my neck back to keep watching, I woke up. I only woke briefly, however, and fell straight back in to the same dream, finding myself in the shop and going out of the front door in to the present town. I was no longer lucid.