Shaun St. Clair – Office Blues in Lucid Dreaming

In this dream I was only lucid for a small portion, the whole dream being very large and involved. Someone has upset me at work and I return to my office to tell my wife [who does actually work with me in reality] that I‘m leaving. At this point I become lucid, and ask her if she knows that this is a dream. She says she does, so thinking this may actually be a shared dream, I suggest we think of a word and let‘s see if we can remember it when we wake.

At the same time, I say ‘blue‘ and she says ‘blues‘ – we‘re both actually wearing blues, since we‘ve just been in to Theatre. I say to her that the fact we both picked more or less the same word is probably not a coincidence as she is in my dream and essentially me and will therefore know what I‘m thinking. (My wife is a very deep sleeper and rarely remembers any dreams so, needless to say, when we woke next morning she couldn‘t remember the word – or anything.)

As soon as I became lucid in this dream, the whole scene became very vivid, extremely sharply focused and crystal clear and I was aware of every detail of the room, my wife‘s face, even our security badges and the infinite detail of the edge of the door we were stood beside – a vast amount of information that I couldn‘t possibly have had time to take in in the real world and in the short space of time we were there, and whilst holding a conversation with my wife at the same time.

The following day, in waking reality, I went and stood at the exact same spot in my office and this experience was no where near as vivid and sharp and I wasn‘t aware of anything like as much as I was in the lucid dream but the scene was exactly as it had been depicted in the dream.