Shaun St. Clair – Change the Scene In Lucid Dream

[A lucid dream that also has simultaneous aspects.] I’m lying on the carpeted floor of the front room of a bungalow that I recognize from my youth. I’m lying, face up with head towards the wall, and the long axis of my body perpendicular to the outer wall. The wall has a large bay window, looking out onto the lawned front garden. [Other people are there and other things are going on but I’ve forgotten them now].

Whilst still lying on the ground, I find that I am now halfway out of the room/house and half lying on a beach. The upper half of my body is ‘physically’ on the beach and lower half ‘physically’ still in the room of the bungalow, but both halves have a full and discrete consciousness and visualisation of where they are.

There is also a third, simultaneous consciousness present that can see both halves of me simultaneously (my bottom half lying on the floor of the room, bisected by the outer wall) and my upper half lying on the beach (but only visualised from the lower half of my upper body forward — there is no visualisation or awareness behind/below the upper half of my body, only forward and onto the beach and sea — nothing exists below my waist, the whole dream is projected forward of this point; my lower body only exists in the other dream).

I am then only in the beach dream, where my body is complete and on the sandy beach, all simultaneous aspects of the dream(s) have now gone. Still lying there, facing the sea, there is a mist which suddenly vanishes to reveal small portions of stormdamaged palm islands floating by. Lots of bodies then begin to float by, which suddenly spring to life and begin to exit the water.

One in particular walks right over the top of me, causing indignation on my part, as this ‘clearly is not very acceptable behaviour’. However, this sparks a hint of lucidity and the experience, for only fleeting seconds, becomes very sharply focused and bristling with information — such as, exactly where my body is located on the beach, every detail of the person stepping over me, every detail of the immediate surroundings including the sand. There is so much information in fact that the scene (or reminiscence?) progresses in slow motion, in order to ‘enable’ all the additional information/observances to be taken in [but I don’t think that the scene really did happen in slow motion, its only my recollection of it which is both at ‘normal speed’ and slow motion?].

The lucidity instantly fades but the focus has clearly remained on the dream character that stepped over me, because he is now trying to attack me. I easily defend myself but his persistence is becoming very annoying and n a fit of rage, I drag him back out in to the sea and begin to drown and throttle him. I realise what I’m doing and become very uncomfortable and upset with myself [am I becoming self-aware at this point and is lucidity starting to come back?].

I quickly release him and run off across the beach. To my amazement, he continues to follow me, so I run down the side of an old dilapidated house at the back of the beach and, once there, my awareness increases again: I know that it’s about 6:30 in the morning (in waking reality) and I know that I’m in bed dreaming and that there is ‘probably enough time to lucid dream before I have to wake up!’

Now fully lucid, I no longer worry about the character that was following me and I half fly/half climb to the top of the building in front of me. The building is at the bottom of an incline and on the outskirts of a small rural town, so I leap up to the telegraph/electricity cables criss-crossing the incline and swing through them to make my way towards the town, thoroughly enjoying the exhilaration.

I leap onto the corrugated roofs of large agricultural buildings but then become mildly concerned/embarrassed that the very few people around there are beginning to take an interest in me. I make my way towards a very large building set into the side of a cliff and again half fly/half climb (I’m quite happy with this and not disillusioned that I can’t/haven’t tried to fly fully) up to a recess near the top. I look out of the recess and now begin to succumb to a bit of vertigo. I am a very long way up, and down on the ground there is now a villager with a pistol looking directly at me.

Ordinarily I would just leap down on to the ground and disarm him but it does look an awfully long way down and perhaps I am a little less certain than I thought I was about my abilities to defy ‘gravity’. I wonder in the dream itself, if this is a sign that I’m losing some lucidity or is it concern over the initial dream character on the beach resurfacing? I don’t know. I’m still able to think clearly, or at least think I’m thinking clearly, so I decide to go for another option and turn away from the scene and say to myself ‘Change the scene … change the scene.’

When I turn back round again I immediately find myself waking up in bed, feeling very tired. Elizabeth is walking out of the bathroom towards me and I wonder if I was chanting aloud, ‘Change the scene….’ I’m just about to ask Elizabeth if she heard me, when I notice that my mobile phone, which would ordinarily be on the bedside chest of drawers, is now actually in the bed with me, and it isn’t actually a phone at all but a compressed salmon paste jar with a few stickers on it.

I realise I’ve woken up in to another dream and I am once again fully lucid — but as this realisation takes place, I actually wake up for real, but interestingly opening my eyes onto the exact same view that I’d opened that onto in the false awakening, except that Elizabeth is no longer there.