Sharon Pastore – What is the Cause in Lucid Dreaming


Having had a mysterious issue with my stomach for months now, I intended to have a lucid dream. My task? Become lucid and ask aloud, “What is the cause of my stomach problems?”


In the dream, I am in my old childhood bedroom. This setting makes me lucid. I easily remember my task. “What is the cause of my allergy?” I ask aloud in the room. I turn around to see the radio on the dresser and listen for the answer.


“Almond, butter, and rice pudding. Chocolate bar,” I hear on the radio.


I immediately wake to write this down. This was part of what I ate the day before. I had thought I had a seafood allergy that I was being tested for. Since this dream I have minimized eating too many types of dairy at once, especially chocolate and dairy. It’s working.