Sharon Pastore – How Google Really Gets Their Ideas


I am at Google, and am sitting next to the CEO at a round table. About 40 people are in the room, getting ready for a presentation of ideas, lots of buzz in the room. I see the notes are on flash cards with complex diagrams (no words). It reminds how differently these people think.


The CEO falls on the floor backwards on his chair, laughing hysterically. Items spill everywhere – a real mess. I try to pick his stuff up and he says, ―Oh no, it‘s ok,‖ like he would get it, and I‘m a special guest. I become lucid when I realize the absurdity of me being here and how I got here.


“What am I doing here?” I ask a woman across from me. I believe she is a guide who brought me here to be a part of Google‘s brainstorming meetings. ―You are the glue that keeps it all together,‖ she says. She says I am on a ―contract with Google.‖ (In waking life, I do content marketing and being found on Google is one area of my expertise I have developed in the past year.)


They explain that they test ideas by sending them to outer space and back to earth. I then see a huge fireball of light fly out of earth, into space, hit another planet and return back to earth. I find this fascinating and brilliant, and get a feeling of ―Google‘s ideas actually come from a bunch of creative people sending them out of this world and into the universe – that‘s why they seem far-fetched – they are literally far-fetched.”


There is a break in the meeting. I love hanging out with these creative people. I tell them I have a hotmail address and they laugh – like no one has hotmail – I should use my gmail!


But standing around trying to start conversation is causing me to feel like I am about to wake up, so I keep spinning around and wiggling my hands to stay in the dream (which I learned from LeBerge’s book). One girl asks, ―Why are you doing that?‖ It feels like high school where you want to fit in. I don‘t want to tell her I am in a dream and am about to wake up, but the dream fades.