Sharon Pastore – Driving Dreams in Lucid Dreaming


A little background first…


In waking life, I have had highway driving fear for several years due to a bad accident almost 20 years ago. I recently stopped going on highways and this has interfered with my life. Feeling shameful and only recently admitting it. I have tried different therapies, EMDR and now exposure therapy – with a therapist in the car with me.


While the exposure therapy has stopped the bad driving dreams, I still have fear. I’m just more accepting of it. Now I am trying lucid dreaming.




In the first dream, I become lucid when I am at a company I don’t work for, looking in the mirror with a mug . . . this must be a dream – I don’t work here.


While I couldn’t put my hand through the mirror as a reality check, I knew I was lucid because sometimes I just feel like I am sleepy – I blink a certain way and can tell. (It‘s hard to explain).


What to do?


I go downstairs into an empty auditorium, and realize, hey, I want to practice my highway driving and work on my phobia! I‘m excited to try.


But how to find a car?


“I know!” I announce, “On the other side of that door, I will find a car to drive.” I am determined. I have a real important task!!


Lo and behold, there is my childhood street with lots of cars to choose from. It’s snowy and night time. But I know I’m ok to drive anywhere!!


Most cars are big vans. I wanted a little car to start. Ahh. There is an older, almost clunker car, sitting in front of my old house. Not ideal, but it’ll do, I think.


I get in and drive – immediately the song, ‘Highway to the Danger Zone‘ by Kenny Loggins comes on. I keep going, looking for a highway, the car is moving so fast, almost without me – like following the music. I see the sign for the highway – I get right on, knowing it’s a dream – and that I can crash and still be ok.


I’m so out of control by the time I get on the highway, which seems to be going up and up like maybe toward a bridge. Lots of intersecting highways around it.


Off in the distance, I hear a driver yell at me, “Slower!!”


Too late, I am out of control, and I fly off the curve. No worries though.


The song, ‘Highway to the Danger Zone,‘ has been playing the whole time, getting louder.


I wake to another song in my head that is slower, but the lyrics from it, “like a race car driver” are in my head.




Back to sleep – back to work on my phobia. Not sure how I became lucid this time, but it was a light sleep near morning, so much easier to slip into a lucid state.


I walk out of my childhood house again. This time, I see a much classier white car and the door opens for me, like the awareness (of the dream) is giving me a more luxurious driving experience. I slip in and start to drive again, heading for the highway to practice.


This time, when I turn, there are people walking by and stores – more like I am driving in some busy indoor mall. I almost run people over, not caring, knowing I needed to get to the highway before I wake or lose lucidity.


I see a police car, but ignore it. I think about what I have done in waking life to slow things down before I drive – what I have been doing with my therapist. Oh right! We meditate and do deep breathing before we get on the road!


I decide to pull over around all those people and meditate. Of course, I’m concerned that I will wake up by being so still. Just then, I think of Karim, from dream class. I wonder if I can pull him in to help me. I see a guy that looks kind of Arabian.


“Karim!!” I yell. He is wearing a black t-shirt with white letters around in a circle. He has light eyes and black curly hair. I’m excited by seeing him and become more focused on getting his attention to come help me that I can’t meditate. I feel myself waking up.