Sharon Pastore – C’mon Mom! in Lucid Dreaming


My sister and I are on vacation and are in a dark unfamiliar home with an art gallery and several floors. We miss mom (passed away 4 years ago). Just then, I see her face in the painting over in the corner! I become lucid at the sight of this. She smiles at us.


‘Look, Cheryl!’ I call out. I want to prove to her that mom is with us. My sister leaves or is suddenly gone, so I don’t know if she saw her. I am then pulled from behind all the way around the house. C’mon, mom! I laugh – like she is having fun messing around with me in her goofy way (like she did when she was alive).


I am pulled up and down flights, even though I don’t see her. I figure it’s her. It’s fun having her pull me around. In between the flights, I see myself in mirrors wearing my coral pants and my hair pulled up. I start to get a little nervous. Finally, I am in a child’s room in the basement of the house when the pulling stops. Feeling like I don’t know what to say or do next, I wake up.