Sharon Pastore – A Lucid Love Affair in Lucid Dreaming


“Don’t you remember me?” asks Avery. I could tell he had a sense of humor. With no shirt on, muscular, chiseled features, Avery was a very cute young guy about 20 years old (in waking life I am 38). We are gliding through a dark space, as if on a conveyor belt. I kept staring at him, trying to recall who he was…and then I finally remembered him! (This triggers lucidity.) We embrace and kiss passionately; talking, laughing, and embracing like long lost lovers. It felt like he had something to tell me – that’s why he came back – like he came back to get me.


As we continue gliding toward wherever he was taking me, I start to fire away questions at him (as I always do once I become lucid), as if I am on a mission to retrieve life’s deepest secrets. Problem is, the more I ask, the more I start to lose him – he is literally fading away. So I stop asking.


He takes me to the checkout line (how ironic – “check out”) of a supermarket that looks like one where I used to go regularly before I moved (in waking life).


I ask him who I was in a past life, but he starts to melt. Spontaneously, I come up with the clever idea of singing the question, “Was I a movie star?” I sing like an opera singer in a silly voice. “Yes!” he says, in a tone like ‘You got it! Good job!” I am amazed, and not surprised (I sing professionally in waking life from time to time, and have always sung.)


Just then, an agent approaches (I’ve had a series of lucid dreams with agents where I’ve learned how to turn them into friends instead of scary dream figures). I am defensive toward him, and slightly scared. Then I quickly remember to engage him in conversation. I ask questions and he stops and lets down his guard. I no longer feel like he is coming after me.


I’m so happy seeing these people again, having fun hanging out with them as they sit on the conveyor belt in the checkout line. They remind me of theater people. They are mixed ages and races, including black children.


I remark, “My sense of humor is really good up here.” I feel like I can be my true self – hilarious, flirty, witty, and relaxed. At one point I joke with the group, “It’s not like we are in H-E-L-L!”


But I also admit in my mind that I am getting a little bored. I also see Avery very small and kissing someone else (another male). Not jealous, really – just curious. He is sitting on the conveyor belt on the checkout line – everyone is side by side – having shrunk.


I am so very happy to see Avery again. I make the connection between Avery and Ava (my daughter). “I don’t want to go back,” I say to him, like lovers who must part. Then I see this thin gold and silver bracelet and I miss Ava. I accept that I have a life to live and that I will see him again.


“Avery, I have to go,” I tell him.


“I will show up again,” he says. “I promise.”


I go to wake up and write down this amazing love story from a former life.


(He did show up in another dream that same night – I was so excited! But I called him “Aubrey” in that dream.)